Jumping into Books!

I did tell you that launch was used to mean Jump! How very appropriate for our new venture with Jump Magazine, which is now launching its first books! Check them out here!

Let’s start with my own:

Fed up with passive literary girls? Had enough of stereotypes? Try this girl-positive story, featuring Lucy, who is limited only by her mobile signal!

By Millie Slavidou my book photo

Lucy Evans, InstaExplorer

Book One: The Olympias Clue

Book Two: Dragon’s Rock

Book One: Follow the adventures of Lucy, our hi-tech explorer, as she wields an i-Phone through exciting archaeological discoveries in sunny Greece, in a corner not much frequented by the British tourist.

Book Two: Lucy goes on holiday to sleepy Wales. Only it’s not as sleepy as she expected, and a chance find sends her into the heart of a thrilling kidnap case

Release date: Monday 9th December


Also coming soon on Jump Mag!


By Samantha Gouldson sam's book photo.php

12 Science Words

That don’t mean what you think they do

This is a great little vocabulary booster, aimed at explaining to children that words they may already know, such as “proof”, can have a different meaning from what they have learnt when used in a scientific context. Written in a clear, concise manner, this is a great way to introduce children to this concept.

Release date: Monday 9th December


Forthcoming in 2015 via Jump Mag: 12 Women Explorers You’ve Never Heard Of

A great look at history via less well-known figures. Well-researched and written in a style designed to attract children and interest them in the past, in language that they can understand but that does not patronise them.


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