Pulling Along

What a word to pull out of my hat! I thought about another one, but then I pulled myself together and pulled away from the other option!

I live in a nice town, with an archaeological site that could pull in many visitors – if the council pulls its act together, although I doubt they will pull it off. Getting them started on any project is like pulling teeth, it must be admitted. It’s not like them to pull out all the stops. In fact, they tend to prefer to pull their punches. I would be worried about entering into a business agreement with such people, for fear that they might suddenly pull out without warning. It is tiring having to pull strings all the time to get things done!

The police can pull you over for going through a red light, or if you pull out without indicating, and you may get pulled up short. You might pull up your socks, or be pulled up because they have fallen down, spoiling your appearance. Especially if you pull up outside Buckingham Palace; not the best place to be pulled up. Better to pull your socks up now in terms of how you look!

I heard that they pulled the troops back – it may have been after they pulled out of the coalition, although I think it was because of the building that was pulled down. They had forgotten to pull their supplies out of it first!

If you are ill, then we hope that you will pull through, but if you have a needle, then it is the thread that must be pulled through.

I am not trying to pull the wool over your eyes, or even pull a fast one. I would not pull your hair out. So pull yourself together; enough of such thoughts!


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