Bringing a verb to light

Despite the fact that writing a blog doesn’t exactly bring home the bacon, I can’t bring myself to give it up.

Far be it from me to bring something up indelicately, but it’s time to bring to your attention the fact that I am soon bringing out a book, and if I can bring you round to the idea of buying it, that will bring my credit up! If I can bring it off successfully, then that will bring me into the limelight!

I can bring up the subject of my children, who I am bringing up, and who may also bring up their dinner sometimes. When they do, you might think it was brought about by a tummy bug, after all, we are not at sea, so it is not a ship being brought about. At least I’ve never needed to bring them to, or perhaps even bring them round, they are not in the habit of losing consciousness!

I heard that Peter brought down a bird when he was hunting – he shot at it once. I hope the same didn’t happen to the president when he was brought down! Although there are those he say he needed to be brought down a peg or two after the new trade legislation that he brought in.

Well. I doubt I’ve brought the house down, but I hope I’ve brought some smiles to your faces!


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