Dedicated to Lynn

This time I will jump in feet first! Although, I’m generally not much one for jumping in, especially not into swimming pools, but I have been known to jump in when people are discussing language. Not to jump on them, you understand, but to jump into the conversation! Admittedly, I do jump at the chance to talk about etymology.


It can be annoying when people jump the queue, but I don’t jump on them for it, and I have yet to jump down anyone’s throat! Mind you, it does make me jump when they just suddenly appear in front of me. But I don’t suppose they mean to jump out at me, and I am not so nervous that I jump out of my skin, although their rudeness does jump out at me.


Spring is here, with the prospect of summer just around the corner, and my children are jumping up and down at the thought of jumping into the sea for a refreshing swim, and they would jump through hoops just to get an ice-cream! Usually, however, they do no more than jump over a few sandcastles on their way to get them.


Ready for more jumping? Jump to it, then!


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