Today I’d like to play around a little bit with this.


It’s good to watch your children playing and having fun. They may like to play hide-and-seek or play at pirates, which is very different from playing at being a Communist, when in fact you are very wealthy. Still, you should encourage the children to play with each other.


You might not like to get into serious relationships – but please avoid playing fast and loose and playing with people’s feelings. They won’t appreciate it any more than I do when my electronic equipment is played with!


A musician plays the piano, and an actor may play a part, which is not at all the same as you playing a part in a robbery – don’t play the police for fools, they have played the game for a long time and know what measures to bring into play, and whatever they do will not be in play. You will be playing into their hands if you play with fire and play the gang’s game.


When playing the lottery, luck comes into play, so play it by ear when choosing numbers. If it plays out for you, then play your cards close to your chest, don’t make a great play of it, or a number of previously unknown friends could come into play and make a play for your winnings.


Of course, this would not be complete without a special mention, since it’s spring, for the trees that will be relieved, or, if you prefer, the play on words.


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