Once upon a time, writing was just with a pen or pencil or similar implement, but now we can write by typing on a keyboard or using our telephone or other device. Writing, it would seem, is evolving.

Of course, if you are a writer, you hope not to get writer’s block, or if you favour the traditional approach to writing, writer’s cramp might be more on your mind. Will this also be applied to aching wrists from excessive typing? Perhaps so – I wouldn’t write the expression off just yet.

If you go to watch a film adaptation of a book, you may discover a character that’s been written in, or perhaps even one that’s been written out. You might find this annoying and decide that the particular version is nothing to write home about. Don’t be too ready to write it off though – it’s not written in stone, different doesn’t necessarily mean worse. I can see you disagree – it’s written all over your face. Don’t be too angry on the way home, it may cloud your judgement and cause you to crash the car – you could end up with a write-off.

If you write off for something, you hope it arrives quickly. When the sales start in the shops, you might like to see what has been written down, but if you hold shares in a company, you won’t like it if they get written down! Funnily enough, though, when I write articles down, I think of it as writing up my notes! Occasionally, I also write it all out by hand.

As I write, I right the ideas on “write”, after all, I have that right, it doesn’t require a sacred rite, nor do I need to write only with my right hand, you know I am right! All right?


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