Running through Run

I thought I would run with this today. Which is, of course, very different from running with a gang!

You might like to go for a run in the morning, perhaps you even set off at a run. If so, I hope you don’t get the runs along the way, or run into trouble. You had better watch where you are going, of course, you wouldn’t like to run into a tree. You would probably survive it on foot, but if your car runs into a tree they might have to run you into hospital, with a lot worse than just running a temperature, and you could run into debt replacing the car.

Perhaps you might like to sail instead of driving – take care that your vessel doesn’t run aground or run out of fuel. Make sure you know exactly what it runs on – you are unlikely to just run across it in the middle of the ocean! And of course, unless you are a particularly strong swimmer, you might find it difficult to run out on the adventure. Run it past your friends first.

If you run a blockade and are subsequently arrested, you may make a run for it, and find yourself on the run – of course you will be running a huge risk and you may see your efforts running into the sand.

Perhaps I am letting my imagination run away with me. More sensible than running away with a random stranger that you happen to run into, however!

Enough of me running on. I shall run along now.


2 thoughts on “Running through Run

  1. You’ll be pleased to hear that as I’m reading this, rain is running down the window and water is running down the street to the run off they’ve created at the bottom of the hill.

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