Cerdd Meingefn – A Book-Spine Poem in Welsh

Just for a bit of fun this time, I thought I would change language again, and this time I have a short book-spine poem in Welsh. Enjoy! Mwynheuwch!

The English translation follows at the bottom.



Pan ddaw’r machlud

Tywyll heno,

Yr onnen unig,

Y dylluan wen,

Os marw hon,

Gwaed ar eu dwylo





With the coming of sunset,

Dark tonight,

The sole ash-tree,

The white owl,

If it dies,

Blood on their hands.

With thanks to the authors Manon Steffan Ros, Alun Jones, Kate Roberts, Gwilym Meredydd Jones, Angharad Jones, Aled Islwyn, T. Llew Jones.

And thanks as always to Stan Carey, who first gave me the idea!


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