My Greatest Hit

I hope this one is a hit with you all!


You can hit someone in the face, although it might hit you that this is a bad idea, especially if you hit it off with them. If you hit yourself against the door, it might also hit you that it’s a good idea to open it before trying to go through!


A town can be hit by an earthquake, and this in turn may mean it is hit by economic woes. If this happens, don’t just hit the road, or hit the bottle in despair, perhaps you might be the one to hit upon a great plan to raise money and solve all the problems! Perhaps your fund might hit the jackpot and even hit a billion! Besides, if you fail to make a hit, you can always hit out at the government attempts to restore order.


If you take drugs, you will need your hit, but just as easily when you drink your coffee the caffeine hits you and if you walk into a room where people are smoking, the smoke and the smell will hit you.

So, could this article be my greatest hit yet?


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