If you fall for someone, or even fall in love, make sure you fall on your feet and don’t fall in with the wrong crowd. With any luck, your partner should fall over themselves to do things for you!


You could slip on a banana skin and fall flat on your face, but then your jokes can also fall flat, so watch your delivery! If you trip, you may fall over, although some people just fall down.


Parents are often worried about falling standards at schools, but I think this falls in the category of perennial issues – it falls to me to point out the obvious in this respect.


You might have plans, but don’t be surprised if not everyone wants to fall in with them – if this befalls you, your plans may fall through and you may have to fall back on earlier ideas.


In Britain it’s autumn, but speakers of US English like to talk of the Fall – but don’t fall for it if people tell you it’s not proper English. A quick look at the history books and it should all fall into place.


If you fall pregnant, take care not to fall over. If you buy something new, I hope it doesn’t fall apart before long! If that happens, try not to fall out with the person using it, or even the shop – it falls to the maufacturer to set it right.

All fallen into place?


2 thoughts on “Fall

    • You tell him from me that Fall meaning autumn was first used in Great Britain (possibly at a time when his ancestors were still speaking Irish anyway! 😉 ) as far back as 1660, possibly even earlier, and is a perfectly valid choice of word to express this meaning!

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