My last phrasal verb article was received so positively, that it will be a tough act to follow, but despite dithering for a while, I’ve finally got my act together and I am going to act on the suggestion to produce another one.


An Act of Parliament may affect your daily life, when it is enacted, of course, and if you are a churchgoer, you may hear readings from the Acts. If you are in church and your children are acting up, you may be forced to act, before someone else takes action!


Economic measures enacted by Parliament, we are told, will act to reduce inflation, but if the Minister of Finance is caught in the act of accepting bribes from a major oil company, what exactly are we to believe?


You can act in a play, or act out a scenario that has nothing to do with the stage, perhaps you are acting on information received. Your solicitor may act for you, although you might prefer it if they act on your behalf and not act out of greed. If you are on an aeroplane, you hope that the engines won’t start acting up, as despite what you see in films, mid-air acts of heroism are very rare and even more unlikely to work.


An earthquake may be an act of God or an act of nature, depending on which side of the fence you stand on, but either way it means the emergency services have to get their act together!


Ready to get in on the act?


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