Taking off

Let’s take a look at this verb.


You can take off a hat and a plane takes off, but then you can take off a politician when you try to mimic them. If a play takes off, it’s doing well, but if you’re taken off the cast you’re not doing so well!


You may take out a loan or take something out of a drawer, but going out for a run may take it out of you and leave you feeling the need to take it out on something else; hopefully just a cushion. You can have a shower to take the sweat off. If you do, it’s a good idea to take your clothes off first – whether you take them out of the bathroom is another matter.


Take up a hobby, take someone up on an offer, drop something on the floor and take it up again. You must take your time, or perhaps you prefer to take risks or take a chance, or you might even like a different take on it. You can take someone in if they have nowhere to live, but be careful they don’t take you for a ride. You can take your children out for the day, take them to the zoo, take them to the park and take a break to have a take-away on the way home. Just make sure the police don’t take you away!


You can take someone aside to take the opportunity to talk to them privately. Make sure they don’t take advantage of you, and don’t take your eyes off your children in the background, they might be trying to take your car engine apart! Take them away from it.


Take your trousers in if the waistline is too big, take them up if they are too long. This may take up too much of your valuable time – you may prefer to take on someone to do it for you instead. But you’d better make sure you don’t get taken in by them, if they are on the take!


How’s the uptake?


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