Come, come, come

This is dedicated to Natalia


I came up with this idea after I came home and one of my children came out with an unsual expression that had come up in a television progamme, that just happened to come on earlier. It was about a woman who came into some money after her parents failed to come to after an accident. Her solicitor came through for her and came up with the goods when the will was read. She came off best of all, but I wonder what will happen when the real document comes to light. Perhaps she will get her come-uppance!


Come, as we can see, is no less useful than its friends set and put. You can come round to an idea, a friend might come round, that is, if they don’t come by, not to mention coming in. You can come down with a cold, or come out in spots, and if this comes to pass, the doctor may come round. You might urge your child to come along, or mention that your stew is coming along nicely, as it bubbles on the hob, with steam coming out. You might not like something at first, but in time, you find yourself coming round to the idea. The police may come out in force when a foreign president visits, although there won’t be many on the tarmac as their plane comes into land. The daffodils come out in spring, a debutante comes out in town, and hopes that her dinner won’t come back up again!


I hope this doesn’t leave you wondering whether you are coming or going!


Come on!


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